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Kansas City Commercial Real Estate Loans

Commercial Real Estate Loan Kansas CityMidwest Capital Funding (MidCap) is adept at finding the right commercial real estate loan for many different types of commercial real estate projects, whether the right fit is a commercial bank loan, insurance company loan, CMBS loan, bridge loan, or other loan type. The Kansas City commercial real estate lending environment is ever-changing. Being in the market at all times allows us to keep on top of interest rate, term and loan structure trends, in Kansas City and nationwide, to help our clients make the best possible choice for their commercial real estate loans.

Design A Solution For Your Commercial Real Estate Loans

At MidCap, we understand how critical it can be to take advantage of opportunities to grow your portfolio through acquisitions. Whether that opportunity is in Kansas City, or you have a commercial real estate lending need that takes you somewhere else in the Midwest, we are always ready to partner with you to design a solution for your commercial real estate loans. Our established relationships with loan providers, both in Kansas City, and nationwide as it relates to insurance and CMBS lenders, allow us to present our clients with many different commercial real estate lending options. Whether you are acquiring the property for a reposition and need a short-term acquisition loan, or have purchased a property with the intent to hold long term and need a permanent, fixed rate, non-recourse commercial real estate loan, we have the ability to give you several different choices to fit your specific need. From our home office in Kansas City, our widespread commercial real estate lending relationships give us not only a local (Kansas City) and Midwest reach, but a nationwide platform to accommodate our clients and their expanding real estate holdings.

Unlike some of our competitors in Kansas City, at MidCap we do not blast your commercial real estate loan and private financial information to every single loan provider possible. It is our responsibility to keep abreast of the commercial real estate loan environment, not only in Kansas City, but with national lenders as well. With this knowledge in hand, we are able to obtain loan quotes for your commercial real estate project from a handful of carefully selected loan providers that are going to provide the most aggressive terms and best overall fit. Besides maintaining a level of confidentiality regarding your commercial real estate loan request, this gives the loan provider an incentive to provide a well crafted quote. Many times, when the loan provider knows it is one of several hundred institutions, in Kansas City and nationwide, receiving the commercial real estate loan package, it decides not to even bother submitting. At MidCap, we avoid this outcome by constantly doing our due diligence ahead of time, and thus knowing which commercial real estate loan providers will prove best for your project, both here in Kansas City and on properties nationwide.